• Region: Lombardia
  • Typology: Bardolino classico
  • Grapes: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
  • Aging: Cryomaceration with 20 hours of contact with the skins, fermentation at approx. 15 ° degrees of temperature, fermentation 4 months Charmat method. Refinement in the bottle for 2 months.
  • Organoleptic characteristics: Bright pink sparkling wine with a refined and persistent perlage embellished with hints of delicate red fruits and floral aromas.
  • Pairings: Ideal with typical appetizers such as cured meats, risottos and fish-based dishes.

Onepiò Winery is an independent winery that offers wines of its own production and which was born in Valpolicella and also arrived in Lugana thanks to the passion and dedication of Ilaria, the owner.
The company name is a combination of two terms:
One, an English term for the number 1.
Piò, unit of measurement used by farmers in the province of Brescia to indicate the size “1/3 of a hectare”, the size of the Onepiò Winery winery.
The philosophy of Onepiò Winery can be expressed by four key words: passion, quality, tradition and innovation. The high quality of their products is the result of the attention they devote to the choice of the best rooted cuttings and to the care of the vineyards, where, with passion, they personally take care of the delicate hand-picking of the grapes. They obtain the perfect combination of tradition and innovation by combining the patient drying of the grapes and the elegant aging of the wine in French barriques with the bottling of the final product in an exclusive and original packaging.